Webinar -Be a Distributor!-

Wonderful ! Let´s join our forces !

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Webinar -Be a Distributor!-

Be a Distributor! Recording
In this time of change it´s vital that we bring forth the frequencies we would like to see in the world.
It´s vital that we honor and respect the fearbased aganda that is showing it self, give thanks for all that it´s giving and start to focus our attention to what we would like to have in the fiuture and live that frequency NOW.

This webinar will focus on honouring what is...as a start point... with no judgement on what we have created to bring us here.....
and then bring forth what we would like to have in the future, anchor those frequencies in ourselves and distribute it to the world!

Love to co-create this energy field together with you !

Blessings MarieChristina


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