Frequency Guides of RΔ- Healing

Start your journey of improving your interactions between you, your infinite self and the world around you by
connecting to one of the RΔ Frequency guides.

They all have integrated and created a relationship with RΔ,
digested that relationship into a unique form and are now sharing this gift with the w

Anna Lundstedt - AKKA grön livsbalans


"The RΔ frequencies guides you all the way home,
softly and directly with laser sharpness through joy and humor"


I give new perspectives by reflecting wholeness and making the light visible in the dark. You will receive a new map showing new routes into your centre. This allows you to land in your unique pulse and rhythm and re-establish communication between all your parts.

Together we explore what gives you balance. We pay attention to the greatness in the small and what is taken for granted in everyday life. You will have the opportunity to rediscover your vitality, playfulness and gratitude."

Welcome to book a meeting for individual session by phone, digitally, in nature near you or at health center in Stockholm or Uppsala.
+46 (0)70-4242724


Ghill Borgefors- Livskällan


"RΔ guides you to find more balance between what we think we have to do to and what we are longing for to Be.
When Doing is taking more and more of our time, our longing for Being has to be set aside. Theese light, soothing energies will help you understand what you need to do and welcome more of into your life to be able to create the life you are longing for"


As a RΔ frequency guide I send these balancing, healing frequencies on distance.

You give yourself about 30 minutes when you can lay down or sit in a quiet and comfortable place. You start with some minutes to relax and get ready to receive. I will then send you healing for approximately 15 min. We will have contact through text messages before and after the sessions. You can also decide to receive the healing later at a time of your own choice.

You can choose to buy 1-10 sessions and you can combine these with a coaching session where we have time to reflect on what is happening during your RΔ sessions.

You are welcome to read more on my website where you also find recommendations from clients
+ 46 (0)70-304 34 96

Vibeke Jensen

To be in relationship with the RΔ frequencies is a gift from God & Stina - I am so grateful to be able to receive the energies and be of service for others to create their own connection.
The RΔ frequencies brings me peace of body & mind, a feeling of safety and that all is well.

My gift is total embodiment of the frequeincies and I will share where the frequencies bring physical balance to you.

I welcome you to connect with me to book your distant session, 333 nok/ session
payment through vips (in Norway) and through International Bank transfer (IBAN) for others
+ 47 94 79 7070


Bjørn Løken- Picaflor Life Energy

I transmit RΔ frequencies to people who asks for it.
One on One or on distance.
I am always in a direct communication with the frequencies.
+47 90 02 0173

Stefan Almér - Stayfun Development

To choose to be myself is the best thing I have done, much better than anything I have tried to be or achieve.
Healing and especially RΔ Healing and my work with Marie have had a big impact on my healing and unfolding of my gifts.

I spent years in traditional therapy until I found more sustainable way´s to become aligned with the true version of myself. To be in true connection with joy, love and peace brings harmony and guidance to every piece of life. RΔ  makes the magic!

I offer frequency guiding and coaching, remote or live!

Contact me to make an appointment at.

+46 70 2968150

You can also read more about me and my other business at