Soulfully You - Live event 28 april - 2 may 2021, Visingsö, Sweden

Walking the Path of Gratitude


These are the days when you listen to your souls calling  and follow your dream.
You will release your identities, the roles that you play out in this lifetime so you can take your place around the sacred fire and write your own story.

You will sit in stillness at the place within you where man in you meets God/goddess in you, that will meet source in you, where you know where you have been, where you are and where you are going and live this lifetime conscious of your footprints.

We will step into the frequencies of-
Non doing
Non engagement

so you can dream a new world into being

There are 3 ways to sit in circle with me:

Månica Petterson- AndrumYoga, Nikodemus Nygren Starshine, Anna Lundstedt , Helena Lövén Aeracura assists me with musical & Intuitive skills during this round of the medicine wheel.

Food are being offered by Hanna Eneslätt, Ekolokalt Halland
(No own cocking available due to corona)
CateringVisingsö-21 eng.pdf

Welcome to days of magic & wonder - playing and co-creating with the seen and the unseen of Universe

Blessings of Love & Light
Marie Christina

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