What would it be like
to Awaken your souls journey
and navigate your life from within?

Hey, Marie from MarieChristina here.

This lifetime has brought me to many places, both in the outer world and in the inner world. I have gone through and handled so much more than I ever thought I was capable of.
Looking back on my life I can see that it has brought me to this place in myself where I choose to be a positive impact in my own life and others.


My life turned upside down and inside out when a Angelman Syndrome daughter arrived to our family. Coming from a place of being an engineer with high performance and a structural mind set, I really had to step out of my comfort zone and open up to a reality far beyond my wildest dreams. Night became day, Sleep was a deficiency, Hospital visits was normal and lack became familiar.
I have spent the last 26 years diving deep into how to make my everyday life work FOR me, I realized that I had to step out of my normal perception to be able to communicate with my daughter, I had to jump out into the unknown and open up for the unspoken communication of all - to follow my souls calling.

My spiritual journey has led me to be able to communicate with my daughter and together with her bring forth her gift to the world - RΔ Healing. A healing that is focusing on the Sensory input, the processing of information and motor output. A healing downloaded, experienced, digested and put into form in the co-creation of living a life together.

My journey have taught me to be still, open my eyes and listen for the messages. Stop fighting against myself and walk in gratitude for what shows up. Everything is possible - My path is a living example of that.

My wish is that my souls journey will serve you in your everyday life as it does in mine.


Bring back your power of being YOU, living YOU, sharing YOU!

  • Clear your limiting beliefs
  • Feed your becoming
  • Connect to your own light
  • Be self regulating & self referencing
  • Let joy fuel your everyday life
  • Love yourself inside out
  • Connect & download soulfully you
  • Find your direction
  • Open up your intuition
  • Create a life you love

  • MarieChristina

    “No matter how hard we work consciously on our goals and dreams, often times we don´t get to realize what we want, no matter how hard we try. Even when we do all the right things that society says we should, we still cannot get there. This can lead to extreme sadness and depression, not to mention unrealized potential in life.
    Marie Understands this and her energy work gets to the subconscious and superconscious level of spiritual healing, that most people are not aware of. She will go to the root of your problem and deliver much more than what you ask of her.

    When you work with Marie at this level of healing, you will transform in such a way that leads to healing in multiple areas of your life all at once, in ways you least expect. This will save you time, money and much anxiety and stress.

    In my own personal journey, I asked for healing to help me find the right romantic partner, and in only 3 sessions not only did I find this issue resolved energetically but have experienced much more that is priceless. After the first session any desire or need for a romantic partner was completely gone so I could focus on myself and my own life. After the second session I was able to learn how to have fun in whatever I was doing at anytime which has raised my vibration and joy tremendously. After the third session, I am now feeling that I every day embody my life´s purpose where I feel alive, refreshed, excited every day. I have full knowledge that this healing will attract the right lifepartner that will support my journey. I have never felt happier, more at ease, or felt that everything in my life now is more than enough.”

    Artist & Investment Trader

  • MarieChristina

    “The most healing, developing, enlightening self leadership I have experienced in my 60 year life!”

    dipl. teacher in Medicin Yoga and Yin Yoga, Crystal bowl magician, Ayurvedic health advisor, Shaman, Healer, RΔ Frequency guide

  • MarieChristina

    “The balancing energies we get from RΔ is soothing and supportive. It comes with calmness and a sense of safety and brings us back into balance with whom we really are deep within. RΔ was helping me during several weeks with, what must have been, Covid-19.
    Through these healing frequencies I was able to hold my energy and my faith. I´m deeply greatful for the opportunity to be able to build my own relation with RΔ through the work by MarieChristina. ”

    Journey Practitioner, Life&Career Coach, RΔ Frequency guide

  • MarieChristina

    “An interesting thing with MarieChristina and her consultations - is if you follow her recipe, when you bake the cake (you have to do the work of course), you will find yourself with a truly exquisite end result”

    Power- Jewelery Designer

  • MarieChristina

    “Walking the Path of Gratitude is
    One of the best set of courses I have attended. It´s hard to describe the experience in words , but it´s magical ! It have helped me to see and experience the world in a new way and to BE me, to feel that I own my own Power. ”

    Medical Yoga & Yin Yoga teacher, Raindrop massage, Yoga chakraflow massage, Healer

  • MarieChristina

    “For years I have walked this earthly path with Marie by my side. Always supporting and holding space for me to feel safe.
    She let me fall and make my own mistakes and learning but is always there with an outstreched hand to help me up and get back on track. Now we are stepping into the new world together and I am so looking forward to where that might bring us.”


  • MarieChristina

    “To walk with MarieChristina is a fantastic opportunity to grow as a human being, an eyeopener. I've had the benefit to participate during several events and retreats and it has totally changed my life and perceptions. In a warm, safe and loving space you can solve and release the blockages in your body, on many levels. It's Such a freedom to let go of what's holding you back. I'm so grateful that I'm able to walk with you,Thank you💗”

    Art terapeut, healer, Rawfood chef

  • MarieChristina

    “THANK YOU for an amazing Mentorship Marie❤
    - Totally transforming - In the moment the thought appears it´s manifested”

    Resercher PhD, Teacher medical Qi-gong, Nature assisted theraphy, Dance, Massage, RΔ Frequency guide

  • MarieChristina

    “To do Walking the Path of Gratitude is like getting an instruction-book of life. Marie always shares parts of her own life so it´s easy to put everything into context. She is also amazing on creating a safe and loving space so it feels safe to meet all parts of myself that I´m ready to embrace. She is supporting me in creating an image of how much more beauty I am capable of Creating. Thank you Marie for lightning the fire of Hope❤”

    Supervisor assistant, Personal assistant, Reflex Integrator

Welcome to Work with me through

RΔ- Healing

A healing that bring forth a complex, highly specialized network that organises, explains and direct interactions between you and the world around you. That is focusing on the Sensory input, the processing of information and motor output, to finetune it so you can rest, listen and take sacred action.

Walking the Path of Gratitude

A 5 step journey to a conscious life, living from 4 perception levels , confident being you


 One-on-one support connecting to your light, clearing limiting beliefs, boosting your dreams


On-line video- and audio recordings to help you clear limiting beliefs and bring in balance and joy in your everyday life