A healing that bring forth a complex, highly specialized network that organises, explains and direct interactions between you and the world around you. That is focusing on the Sensory input, the processing of information and motor output, to fine-tune it so you can rest, listen and take sacred action. To go from Human doing to Human being.
A healing downloaded,experienced, digested and put into form in the co-creation of living a life together by Marie J Ytterman & Stina J Ytterman


The gifts of RΔ- Healing



This is a direct relationship with the Stars in a parallel Galaxy to Milky Way, a stargate that will act as a muse, an inspiration.
Spirits of , star ancestors of Stina J Ytterman have come through during 2019 to offer their help and bring forth the main qualities of original light, beauty, flow and to be home within yourself.

Build your relationship with the Spirits of , 11 star-frequencies that will help you:

  • Clear entities and blockages in all worlds and realities
  • To be self-regulating and self referencing.
  • To be clear in your broadcast - to send and receive your reality the way you want
  • Fine-tune your perfect expression so you can share your intentions in an easy and exact way
  • To mend your broken heart and let all soul & life pieces come together in this lifetime, in this moment
  • Align your upper and lower chakras and open your natural connection between body and soul
  • To reconnect your own sacred fire/ holy heat/ nurturing and disconnect every other source you have chosen to feed from outside of yourself
  • To remember the "Circle of Life" That we are all one, to let go and emerge yourself in something greater. There is no suffering, no attachment, no judgement, only a walk in Beauty
  • Align your "Raw Power Energy" the natural providing energy
  • To Move forward in Balance

Create your own relationship and start to vibrate the frequencies for the benefit of yourself and others, Be the distributor and call upon the frequencies to benefit whoever is asking for your support.


  • MarieChristina

    “I can´t recommend this incredible energetic journey enough. It´s the first time in my life where I truly feel aligned, in full control of every aspect of my being, and happier than I ever thought was possible. I feel nothing but gratitude for this incredible opportunity. As an Artist, I´m always seeking ways for my art to bring incredible energy for my clients spaces and lives. This workshop has provided me with the energetic tools that transcend my expectations before my artistic expression. The possibilities are infinite, abundant and powerfully joyous.”

    Artist & Investment Trader

  • MarieChristina

    “I am so grateful to be a part of the RΔ retreats that You and Stina are facilitating. It has changed my life, it´s the best medicine for my body, my heart, my soul and organs, it´s days filled with miracles that is so full of healing that it´s unexplainable. It has to be experienced!”

    RΔ Frequency guide

  • MarieChristina

    “The balancing energies we get from RΔ is soothing and supportive. It comes with calmness and a sense of safety and brings us back into balance with whom we really are deep within. RΔ was helping me during several weeks with, what must have been, Covid-19.
    Through these healing frequencies I was able to hold my energy and my faith. I´m deeply greatful for the opportunity to be able to build my own relation with RΔ through the work by MarieChristina. ”

    Journey Practitioner, Life&Career Coach, RΔ Frequency guide

  • MarieChristina

    “"R🔺 - healing" is a very efficient healingmethod. ”

    Art terapeut, healer, Rawfood chef

  • MarieChristina

    “Synthesis of everything that MarieChristina conveyed, translated to all levels and all directions. Stina communicates with joy, playfullness, clarity and total precision. RΔ provides tools to see all parts of oneself and enables new free choices.”

    Resercher PhD, Teacher medical Qi-gong, Nature assisted theraphy, Dance, Massage, RΔ Frequency guide

  • MarieChristina

    “To be a distance participater for the first time felt unusual but good. I had a deep connection with RΔ 179 - the heart connection. I feel that my heart have expanded and now have the ability to hold and embrace both heavy and light energy with a greater acceptance and more compassion than before”

    Retired part time working General Practitioner