Walking the Path of Gratitude
- a way of living -


... is a set of 5 events that helps you re-member 4 perception levels of yourself
and gracefully walk this earth in a
never ending expanding evolution of a greater version of yourself.

Welcome to enter the spiral of life from any direction, do them as a conscious wheel of growth on all levels or jump in and upgrade whatever level that is calling you.

There will be coaches, supporting the process in the group through music & intuitive /practical skills

  • MarieChristina

    “"Walking the path of Gratitude" is a transforming life journey. ”

    Art terapeut, Healer, Rawfood chef

  • MarieChristina

    “To do Walking the Path of Gratitude is like getting an instruction-book of life. Marie always shares parts of her own life so it´s easy to put everything into context. She is also amazing on creating a safe and loving space so it feels safe to meet all parts of myself that I´m ready to embrace. She is supporting me in creating an image of how much more beauty I am capable of Creating. Thank you Marie for lightning the fire of Hope❤”

    Supervisor assistant, Personal assistant, Reflex Integrator

  • MarieChristina

    “Walking the Path of Gratitude is
    One of the best set of courses I have attended. It´s hard to describe the experience in words , but it´s magical ! It have helped me to see and experience the world in a new way and to BE me, to feel that I own my own Power. ”

    Medical Yoga & Yin Yoga teacher, Raindrop massage, Yoga chakraflow massage, Healer

Live! Die & be Reborn

Choose your Life
Step into your becoming and live conscious!


Remember who you are, connect to your own light/source and live from place of Abundance.

Create & Bless your day every morning. Give gratitude & let go every evening!
Live your upgraded future self Now!

 Choose in every given moment to notice projections and belief systems that are placed on you by yourself or others. Clear them and summon the frequencies that create the most empowering energy for yourself and others.
Create consciousness about the backdoors you use to keep yourself from succeeding and live your dream. Embrace your spiritual path so you walk with graceful steps through death knowing that you are given a new opportunity in every moment.

You will step into frequencies of-
Master of time
Owning your projections
Indigenous Alchemy
so you can source from Great Mystery

The Voice of the Heart

Be what you are!



Open the doors to what you truly are and what you came here to be in this lifetime. 
Clear the stories you bought into from your childhood and shine your light into the world. 
Bring back your power and create life from your highest potential.

During these days we will bring back your power of creation. We will dive in to all the times you have made someone else´s reality more important than your own.

Step back into your innocent neutral child and create from a place of  "everything is possible, the world is a benevolent place"

We will bring back the responsibility over your life to yourself and learn tools to step into-
Non- judgment
Non- attachment
Non- suffering
so you can walk softly on earth in this lifetime.


The Seer

Intuition - your greatest asset!


Open up your Intuition, learn to trust your senses.
Expand your awareness and open up to the "invisible" world, the realm of magic and wonder.
Know that everything outside of you is a reflection of your inside. Put yourself in the drivers seat and choose your own reality

During these days the focus will be on opening up your intuition so you can perceive your own reality.
We will clear blocks from the genetic & karmic linage that are holding you back and make you shrink your own light.
You will learn to embrace your shadow and stop colluding with drama so you can bring in more light and live in the spiral of life.

Walk as self- referencing with no enemies.
Be the day keeper, the one who brings harmony , joy, light and beauty into the middle world.

Step into the frequencies of -
Beginners mind
Living Consequently
so you can renew yourself over and over again.

Soulfully You
Stillness in flight!


Open up to the souls calling and follow it where ever it may take you. Release your identities, the roles that you play out in this lifetime.
Take your place around the sacred fire and write your own story.

Find the stillness inside where man in you meets God/goddess in you. Allow that stillness to bring forth your next step and feed you from your sacred heart. Allow the heart to bloom into a sacred vision and take one step at a time to walk your sacred action.

Know where you have been, where you are and where you are going so you live this lifetime consious of your footprints.

Step into the frequencies of-
Non doing
Non engagement

so you can dream a new world into being


Walk your Talk

Share your light with the world!

Gather all your knowing, all your experience, all your wisdom and share it with the world.

These are the days when you start to gather all the paths you have walked and digest it into your expression of source. You allow energy to become matter - expressing yourself in all your beauty.
You strengthen your spiritual path, your own light to shine from now until your destiny.
You bring back missing soulpieces and lifepieces that stop you from sharing your frequence and meet as sisters and brothers in this lifetime.

You learn to call in offerings of Pure Energy & Healing, where you fill yourselves and others, with the divinely pure, highly refined living energy that is available from cosmos.

You step into the frequency of-
so you can RECEIVE you, BE you, LIVE you and SHARE you