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I am home in my body.
The stillness that have been present in my deep connection in Sacred Space are now present, here and now, in my physical body.

It´s a new experience for me to have stillness and silence around me in the energetic world and in my perception of myself in this body.
There is nothing to do, nothing to be. It´s just presence in the moment. I think I finally can grasp the feeling and beingness for what my Angelman Syndrome daughter have told me. We are just going to BE what we are…

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The wind of change is blowing

The wind of change is blowing

I woke up suddenly at 4.04 am and heard the calling of the wind.

Jaguar suddenly appeared in front of me. "Come sit on my back" she said, as she looked deeply into my eyes. "Come, I will take you on a journey into your subconscious and into your becoming"

I sat myself up and we started to journey through the landscape, passing fields and forests in a quick pace to finally end up in the mountains. The mountain I was taken to is my female support mountain mama Veronica in Peru. The Jaguar was sh…

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Letting my words flow through

Writing my story

This week I am on a 5 day course to open up my writing skills. It is really fun to just be open and let things flow through you.

After the first day of a lot of personal writing this story came through when I was back in my room, writing it as the rain and lightning accompanied my words as a blessing.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a group of people that was in direct contact with earth and it's vibrational journey. These people where the guardians of the time to co…

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It's too good to be true


The last couple of months my life has been too busy work wise. I have focused my energy and intention on how I would like my days to be, how I would like to feel after a perfect day. And I have also done deep energetic inner work to release the belief systems that run on survival and hard work patterns.
And suddenly I was there, having this perfect day that I had focused on, feeling at the end of the day that I am so content and so balanced and so blessed.

No "big" things happened but there was …

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Realizing that I have come home within myself


Soon on my way back to Sweden

My last night here in Spain was filled with information about change, about shifting between realities and there was a little voice saying that I am loosing something. That what I have here, now in this present will be lost when I shift to another reality leaving today. Another part of me informed me that No, nothing is ever lost, it all resides within me, are always with me, to be picked up, felt and energetically sent out no matter where I am physically. 
So the s…

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Releasing the striver within


Deep inside me there is a masculine super strong survival instinct

Both in my present life and genetically there is such a strong survival instinct. My husband and oldest daughter always says that I am like a duracell rabbit, I just keep on going, I hit the wall and just move through it and continue.
In one way that's an amazing skill I have, to break down, recharge and move on very quickly. Just accepting the present, allow it to be what it is and open up for ways to move forward. But it is als…

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Listening to myself


To take time out!

This year have been a very confusing year for me. In one way all is good and calm within, in another way it has been so much practical reality to handle.
So much that I had to just let go and trust that the day keeper in me guided me to the aligned steps to take each day.
It felt kind of surreal, like two lives that did not match each other, being in a stage of transition, where the outer world was in a stage of change and my inner world just look upon it all as  - All is Good, …

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28 march 2021 Energy Forecast


The Wind of Time, Wind of Future and the Moon are asking us to expand our relationship with them.
It´s time to let go of the old rhythms, the rhythms of seasons, of night and day, of how to work and have time off etc
It´s time to listen and follow your own rhythm and allow it to connect to the rhythms of everyone and everything else and co-create the orchestra of life.

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9 march 2021 EnergyForecast


The time has stopped and a new direction for humanity has been anchored. The seeds of a new navigationsystem , that where planted for so long ago , is now up an running and the tradjectory for human as a species is now moving towards a lovebased  agenda instead of a fearbased agenda.

Expect miracles💓

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Conversations with tree nation

Tree nation

Our path, walking This earth as humans are being so enlightened right now. Floods of Light are pooring  in To Bring clarity over The choices we are making in our everyday Life. Such a great opportunity To Shift our reality To A world we would like To live in. 

For me This means that The Light shines on my judgments over myself and others. It means that I feel, see, hear, smell, experience everything that needs To let go and The heavyness it brings To The physical body. My nights are filled with d…

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