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Tree nation

Our path, walking This earth as humans are being so enlightened right now. Floods of Light are pooring  in To Bring clarity over The choices we are making in our everyday Life. Such a great opportunity To Shift our reality To A world we would like To live in. 

For me This means that The Light shines on my judgments over myself and others. It means that I feel, see, hear, smell, experience everything that needs To let go and The heavyness it brings To The physical body. My nights are filled with deep information of The rejection of self, self as me, self as you, self as everything that exists. And How my judgment of what I experience on The outside is a judgment of me on The inside. I hear/ feel all those parts that wants To be heard and Seen, recognice as an expression of source. And I have been asking myself How To make This transition as smooth and soft and lovable as I can.... and tree nation heard my Call and wanted To share their gift To handle The Times we are in. 

So today I first visited Rövarekulans nature reserve and then Bosjö monastery Castle and Gardens. 
At The nature reserve The standing people ( trees) greeted me with so much love and Light, showing me To be still and listen. They told me that it was time To let go of The shame and guilt we grownup have for our children, The world we have built where The Life energy, The playfulness, The laughter  make grownups excuse There children, The time To come. And excusing The child within. LET GO and bring back curiosity. Bring back antisipation. Bring back a playful, creativ Life. Be still and breath with The trees, let us help you To bring in Life into your body, oxygene Will make you Remember - living! A Journey of giving and receiving. 

At The monastery I was greeted by a 800 year old lady 🌳
she was still standing strong and had opened her womb so I could step into her lifeflow and really feel Life , flowing down, flowing up. 
she Said ”everything Will pass, it comes and goes, but you Will Remain In you core. Love yourself, you have This opportunity To do that over and over again. It’s never To late.  You are built from love, you are love , it’s Your pure existance, breath with me and I Will help you Remember” 

Call upon The tree nation and they Will help you Remember what you are. They Will help oxygene To flow and bring Life into your body. They Will help The Light To be distributed in and around you so your transition To a Light body Will be easier. 


and as My day goes To an end mother moon is starting her night journey, shining The way through my dreamtime. 
thank you tree nation for a wonderful connection today and Blessed be my journey together with mother moon tonight. 

may your relation with The tree nation Be strong and beautiful

/ MarieChristina 


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