Realizing that I have come home within myself


Soon on my way back to Sweden

My last night here in Spain was filled with information about change, about shifting between realities and there was a little voice saying that I am loosing something. That what I have here, now in this present will be lost when I shift to another reality leaving today. Another part of me informed me that No, nothing is ever lost, it all resides within me, are always with me, to be picked up, felt and energetically sent out no matter where I am physically. 
So the scared part got support from the wise part to just go back inside and just feel how these days of relaxation and freedom has felt, to allow the feeling of letting the days unfold and just be present to what shows up and make choices in the now. To really just bring it all back home within.

This made me reflect on comments I have received from my Thrive sisters ( a MasterMind program for female entrepreneurs lead by Polly Alexandre) Feedback on how balanced and grounded and seasonal my life is and this gave me the deep insight that YES, I am home, home within myself, no matter what outer reality I am in. The little scared part in me settled down and released itself back to pure infinite possibilities again.

So these days here in Spain has brought me back to my intention for the 2023 - To simplify my life. I really feel that this year so far has been showing me the two polarities of super busy schedule - no schedule at all, and I give gratitude to the experiences because now they are fully remembered within me so I can make everyday choices and decisions from that remembrance within.

Life is such a great mirror to my inner world, every night my guardian of the day have a chat with my guardian of the subconscious and with my guardian of my superconscious to see what is in perfect alignment to be released and what is in perfect alignment to be born. And I just have to be present, observe and choose - so magically designed, I just have to remember this - all is already within.

Thank ME for these still, relaxing, fun, connecting days in Spain - just what I needed to fill myself up and be able to make choices that resonates with myself.

Sunshine and blessings of clear choices from within coming your way



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