28 march 2021 Energy Forecast


The Wind of Time, Wind of Future and the Moon are asking us to expand our relationship with them.
It´s time to let go of the old rhythms, the rhythms of seasons, of night and day, of how to work and have time off etc
It´s time to listen and follow your own rhythm and allow it to connect to the rhythms of everyone and everything else and co-create the orchestra of life.

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9 march 2021 EnergyForecast


The time has stopped and a new direction for humanity has been anchored. The seeds of a new navigationsystem , that where planted for so long ago , is now up an running and the tradjectory for human as a species is now moving towards a lovebased  agenda instead of a fearbased agenda.

Expect miracles💓

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Conversations with tree nation

Tree nation

Our path, walking This earth as humans are being so enlightened right now. Floods of Light are pooring  in To Bring clarity over The choices we are making in our everyday Life. Such a great opportunity To Shift our reality To A world we would like To live in. 

For me This means that The Light shines on my judgments over myself and others. It means that I feel, see, hear, smell, experience everything that needs To let go and The heavyness it brings To The physical body. My nights are filled with d…

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Stillness in flight, allowing everything to exist at the same time


Today I have been out in my garden. Feeling the wind in my hair, the sun in my face and the earth beneath my fingers. So relaxing, so peaceful, such a blessed reality.
I felt so much joy and & gratitude to be able to put my fingers into the soil and clear out the old and prepare for the new. I have just put some oil on the wooden deck and connected to the wood element with appreciation of the beauty it gives me. A life in peace, a life of renewal.

Just outside my garden lives another reality. Ca…

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