Releasing the striver within


Deep inside me there is a masculine super strong survival instinct

Both in my present life and genetically there is such a strong survival instinct. My husband and oldest daughter always says that I am like a duracell rabbit, I just keep on going, I hit the wall and just move through it and continue.
In one way that's an amazing skill I have, to break down, recharge and move on very quickly. Just accepting the present, allow it to be what it is and open up for ways to move forward. But it is also one of my deep blockages, that deep strong instinct that says, you can never rest, you always have to move forward, you never know what happens around the corner so just keep on striving.

For every year that passes by I am more and more skilled in balancing what shows up in my life and I am getting closer and closer to that masculine part that truly believe that I have responsibility for everything. That part of me that on a very deep level inside has lost the hope of that there is a bigger picture, a greater part of me that is aligned with everything that is and that I am connected to the great father inside of me.

The last days when I have connected with the mountain within, connected to the Spanish mountains here in Nerja, going into dreamtime and seen all the stories of invaders in so many forms, honoring it and releasing that strong survival instinct, I have opened up for something that has been closed for such a long time - a deep sense of " it's OK to rest now", "all is well","the family of humanity is now moving into collective remembrance, LET GO"

This is such a new place for me, I am a person who deeply feels the awakening on all levels,I receive the becoming, I digest it , I embody it and live/shine it. To be in this place of letting go of having to move forward is interesting. If I don't have to move anywhere, What do I create then?

My answer to myself this week has been- "totally open up for the present - be present in the now and see where it leads you. Today is all there is, enjoy it, allow the day keeper within be in alignment with your superconscious and your subconscious and listen to the gifts of this day. Be non-attached to the outcome and give gratitude to all that is showing up - the universe has my back - all is well"

So I give gratitude to the striver for showing up, I give gratitude for my amazing survival instincts, I give gratitude for my ability to let go, I give gratitude to my presence in the moment and I give gratitude to my becoming.

Thank you for this beautiful day trip up in the mountain- I am blessed 



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