The wind of change is blowing

The wind of change is blowing

I woke up suddenly at 4.04 am and heard the calling of the wind.

Jaguar suddenly appeared in front of me. "Come sit on my back" she said, as she looked deeply into my eyes. "Come, I will take you on a journey into your subconscious and into your becoming"

I sat myself up and we started to journey through the landscape, passing fields and forests in a quick pace to finally end up in the mountains. The mountain I was taken to is my female support mountain mama Veronica in Peru. The Jaguar was showing me the entrance into the mountain and as I descended from her back she said "Go on your journey, I will wait for you here" 

The cave was dark and cold. I could feel the wet stones as my fingers and feet slowly helped me move forward, leading me deeper and deeper into the cave. It was like my hands and feet already knew the way, as they had walked this path a million times.

My senses enhanced as I walked and I could start to hear the song of the mountain, mama Veronica. The song of unconditional love, the song of caring for all humanity, for earth, for all living beings, for the past, the present and the future.

Images of struggle, pain and suffering flashed before my eyes and sacred tears started to slowly run down my cheeks. My heart opened more and more with compassion as I felt my light and blessings flooding towards and through it all. I was walking through the valley of sacred tears, to bless them, to see them, to love them, all the memories of people, animals, plants, earth and all the paths we have chosen to walk. 

The tears on my cheeks started to dry up and I started to sense a presence, it slowly became brighter and brighter as I moved forward deeper into the cave. I entered into a big hall and was greeted by very tall light beings. "We are the earth keepers" they said "So happy to welcome you here today, we have been anticipating your arrival"

I sat myself down on a big stone throne, amazed and filled with gratitude, me sitting right here among these high vibrating light beings. Just sitting watching them, listening to their chitchatting between each other. Their grace, presence and purity was deeply felt in me, and it was so fun to observe that there was no words spoken through the mouths but still I could hear all the conversation.

The room went silent as a high winged one entered. The angel came towards me, the wings where glowing in a pinkish glitter glow, the contours of the being was moving and flowing as he stopped right in front of me.
"Marie, MarieChristina" he said. "So glad to meet you consciously again, I am your angel of ascension. My name is Gadriel" I bowed as I greeted him, slowly activating earlier encounters with him. Gadriel sat himself down beside me and started to talk to the circle.

"My dear tribe, fellow companions of ascension, the walls have fallen and we are once again called to bring knowledge & wisdom, beauty and science to earth. It brings me joy that we now are on the frequency on earth, where pleasure of having a body, being a soul on earth can be received on a greater scale"
As I listened to his talk and looked around the circle of high vibrated beings I wondered what my contribution in all of this was going to be. Suddenly I felt an energetic force moving up my spine, feeling that my whole DNA is shifting, the energy clearing the path for this new level of walking this earth, savoring pleasure, walking in beauty. All the old vows, commitments, programs was just gone and I could feel myself looking upon the world with even softer eyes than before.

The circle was looking at me, enhancing me, expanding me.
"You are a key for bringing this energy out in the world" said Gadriel. "Don't be afraid, there is nothing to do, it's just about being you, sharing you, being present, open, giving, accepting and lifting people up by your light. Remember the words your daughter has spoken to you - Mum, we are just going to be, just sit and we will lift people up, we will heal them through our presence" And I recalled the words my daughter sent me while we where at the intensive care after her spine surgery, the words that brought her back to this life time again and the words that she was not yet finished.

I could feel in my heart that the time has come, the time of truly being light and love, focusing on the good things in life, appreciating the wonderful planet earth and all her relations.

"Go now" Gadriel said. "Go and be, Go and live, Go and shine"

I gave thanks to each and everyone feeling that their light and presence would be with me always. Slowly I made my way back out of the cave, greeting my jaguar.

"Was it a rewarding meeting?" asked Jaguar.

"Yes it was" I answered "Rewarding, peculiar, deeply touching and at the same time it placed me in an unfamiliar state again"

"It's OK" said Jaguar " You have been here many times before, you know unfamiliar becomes familiar sooner than you think and you ARE familiar to trust that journey aren't you?"

"Yes, I am" I answered "Let's head back and give thanks for this experience for now."

Placing myself on her back we made our way back through the landscape. Feeling my hair blowing in the wind I gave thanks to the wind of change that was blowing my way this night , calling upon me. I gave thanks to myself for listening and following the calling.

And so I was back, in my bed, in my room, right here, right now, softly whispering thanks to my Jaguar and this nights inner journey.


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