Letting my words flow through

Writing my story

This week I am on a 5 day course to open up my writing skills. It is really fun to just be open and let things flow through you.

After the first day of a lot of personal writing this story came through when I was back in my room, writing it as the rain and lightning accompanied my words as a blessing.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a group of people that was in direct contact with earth and it's vibrational journey. These people where the guardians of the time to come. They followed the rhythm of seasons and the growth of the inhabitants of earth closely. Now and then the chose to enter the realm of earth to influence and to get to know the inhabitants more, to be able to serve and support them more wisely on their journey of ascending to higher vibrations. The guardians had made a vow to never reveal themselves when they walked in the earth realm. They created energetic systems to lower their vibration to help themselves to keep the secret of their origin. Thousand and thousand of years passed by with the guardians moving in and out of the earth realm, following the ascension, adjusting, guiding, planting seeds for the future until the day came when they did not have to hide anymore. The vows released and vanished, the portals opened and their full presence could now be seen and heard.

This is the time of the great awakening. This is the time of remembrance.
Choose presence, choose love, choose to fuel yourself and your soul from a place of joy. We are now building, in every moment, the new world we would like to live in.

Blessings MarieChristina. 


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