7/7/7 portal

I am home in my body.
The stillness that have been present in my deep connection in Sacred Space are now present, here and now, in my physical body.

It´s a new experience for me to have stillness and silence around me in the energetic world and in my perception of myself in this body.
There is nothing to do, nothing to be. It´s just presence in the moment. I think I finally can grasp the feeling and beingness for what my Angelman Syndrome daughter have told me. We are just going to BE what we are.

In this stillness where there is no energy pointing in any direction, it all comes down to free choice, and in that free choice lies the journey of knowing what I want from a soul perspective, what gives me that inner soul joy?
What do I want?
Why do I want it?
What would it be like when I have it?

For me it comes down to the the small precious moments in the now.
The spark in my grandsons eyes when he comes up with a joke.
The pure bliss of sensing, seeing blossoming flowers in my garden.
The contentment I feel when I write down my experiences.
The joy I feel when a friend texts me and ask if she can visit for a few days.

This is my life- my beautiful life.
Full of blessings in every moment.
Thank me so much that I have brought myself to this place of seeing the miracles that is present in the small things in my everyday life.
All these small moments adds up to a blessed life, and I am grateful for every moment of it.

Now I will continue my Journey of fine-tuning what experiences I prefer, so I can bring in more of it into my life.

Blessed 7/7/7 portal to you all.
You now have the opportunity to make your life and yourself blossom.
Choose to fill yourself up with what makes your soul sing each day, it´s not about for how long you do it, it´s about listening and giving it to yourself



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