It's too good to be true


The last couple of months my life has been too busy work wise. I have focused my energy and intention on how I would like my days to be, how I would like to feel after a perfect day. And I have also done deep energetic inner work to release the belief systems that run on survival and hard work patterns.
And suddenly I was there, having this perfect day that I had focused on, feeling at the end of the day that I am so content and so balanced and so blessed.

No "big" things happened but there was a balance between work & creativity, nourishing myself with good food and time to talk about things that matter to me. It felt like all parts of me where filled up and that brought a smile to my face and deep gratitude at the end of the day. A feeling of that I am blessed and the lucky one. Before I went to sleep I told my higher self: Thank you - more of this.

In my nighttime I have the ability to digest the day and be guided by my superconscious and subconscious. So this morning I had a clear remembrance of all the protection systems that still lingers in my field of helping me not to be disappointed. I asked for more of the content, balanced, blessed feelings and I was guided to what's in the way of having more of that.

It's too good to be true.
Enjoy it while you can
Don't get your hopes up
Expect the worst then you won't be disappointed.

The voice of the pessimist within me had surfaced.

So just for today I will listen to the pessimist, I will honor that part of me and let it have a voice. I will bless the stories it will tell me about why all these defense systems was created and I will thank them for their good job and say that they can rest and release them back to pure potential again.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for knocking on the door before you leave and transforms.

Blessed are every days gift of releasing and expanding.



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