Listening to myself


To take time out!

This year have been a very confusing year for me. In one way all is good and calm within, in another way it has been so much practical reality to handle.
So much that I had to just let go and trust that the day keeper in me guided me to the aligned steps to take each day.
It felt kind of surreal, like two lives that did not match each other, being in a stage of transition, where the outer world was in a stage of change and my inner world just look upon it all as  - All is Good, can't be in another way right now.

But the physical body also have a system that says - time out - time to go within and refill your cup. So here I am in Spain, in the sun, taking the days as they come, sleeping, meditating, sitting at the beach just filling myself up. Reflecting on the journey that we all are on right now, a journey where the old structures are being flooded with light, bringing all that is ready to leave up on the table.
The soul is calling for our attention, it wants to be filled with nectar, that deep nutrient that only we know what it is, those things that make our souls sing.

My soul is calling for gathering of my knowledge, all my notes, my insights , my spiritual journeys to be put into form, to be expressed and shared with the world. I have been connecting to the mountains here in Nerja and they have showed me so many lifetimes where I swore an oath to not bring my knowledge to the world, to never combine the mountain in me with the water in me.That part of me where the human in me speaks with God in me, where the water in me sees with the light of wholeness, the goddess in me.
To bring that stillness & beauty that is within to be my ordinary reality without. It's a spiral of deepening over an over again.

I give gratitude to myself that I listened and took time out, I honor all that is leaving and welcome all that is being born from this place of stillness within.

I surrender to my infinite self and open up my body and soul for my highest timeline.

Blessings MarieChristina


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