Me and All My Relations

A place where Man in me meets God in me


Today I have been at St. Michaels Mount in Cornwall, UK.

A profound meeting where the Man in me met God in me. 

In the sanctuary in the Castle of St. Michaels Mount I found that deep silent connection within. It started on the winding path up the hill where the old monks that had walked the path before joined me in procession. We had a conversation about How rare it was for them to once again walk up the hill in rememberence of the the light within. To walk in honor of that place within that i…

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Welcome to My Reality

Beautiful Beings that walks This earth, Thank you for stepping into My reality for a while. On This Blog I Will share My conversations with all My Relations In all times, spaces, dimensions and realities. You Will get a glimse of How My days and nights show up as conversations with everything that is. My intention is to share how I percieve the world and give all My relations a voice. 


Blessings of Love and Light

Marie Christina

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