To walk in balance with Great Mystery


As I walked up the lava mountain to enter into the ravine of Bárdur Snæfellsás, ( half troll, half man ) I felt the heaviness getting stronger and stronger. The energy was Connecting to the top of the head and my connection to Great Mystery. I was seeing all perceptions I had placed on man, on nature and all the stories of being in polarity and being broken. This place in me had not been honoured for a long time. I gave gratitude as each step brought me up the path and brought me higher and higher within to meet the great Mystery inside myself. At the entrance I greeted the guardian of the ravine and asked for permission to enter his domain. The guardian greeted me and asked me to leave all the perception I had about earth/ man being broken and in need of healing at the ”door” and open up to the perception of wholeness, health and beauty. 

All the heaviness disappeared and I made My way into the ravine with joy in My heart. As I slowly Stepped on the Stones in the small river I Noticed a little boy singing behind me, I could feel that he was eager to explore the ravine and soon he was climbing the black lava walls on My right so he could pass. He was joyfully telling me something ( in a language I don’t know) but I looked into his sparkling eyes and smiled back at him as we shared the wonders of This place. 

I felt the unity and wholeness in myself. An inner knowing that all is me (source) expressed in energy, expressed as nature, expressed as man, expressed as woman and so on. Just looking upon the world through the eye of wholeness/ oneness. I have Two eyes but when I look upon the world I see as I was looking through one eye. My crown chakra expanded and upgraded the flow of light coming through, giving me a gift of renewing My perception of  myself. As walked out of the ravine and sat myself down overlooking the valley below I could feel the shift in my vision. The guardian greeted me once more and we talked about the time to come. He emphasised the importance of shifting the perception from broken to whole, from separation to unity, to always energetically hold and live the happy end result. The path that is supported at these times are not to try to change the old, just let it go and step in to feeding/ creating/ living/ acting your version of the best life you can live in this moment of NOW. Be generous with yourself and others, be generous with your light, your support and your guidance, be generous with uplifting words, smiles and your presence in the moment. Give and you will receive.

How can I embrace myself and my life even more?
Where will my life´s journey take me, if I truly honour every aspect of seeing and being whole.

may your light shine upon your path from now and to your destiny



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