Allowing the water within me be still, to reflect the moon & the stars


 It took me two days to digest the energetic download from Carn Brea. I visited this sacred place when the fog, wind and rain was very present showing me that I had a veil before My eyes, being a little reluctant to listen. The first communication I got from the great majestic boulders was - ”there is always Another way, nothing is Carved in stone and nothing is what it seems to be. ”Remember that on an energetic level everything is movable”

I Listened to the message , embraced the magic boulders and allowed it to settle, and Totally denied the download of information that wanted to come through. 

When the nighttime came and the outerworlds busy sound calmed down I had  nowhere else to direct My attention to but myself, I then noticed how stressad I felt in My body. I started to ask question and traced the stress to a fear of knowing/ downloading the future. After a lot of clearings My body calmed down and I could allow myself to be in the energy of Carn Brea. 

The big boulders, the recordkeepers of time showed me How they had been placed in a circle around the hill to hold the linear time still, so there was an opening to go into sacred time. On the top of the hill there was a sacred well that mirrored the moon and the stars  so you could go into conversations with the time to come. When My vision got clear I could see that the ice was melting ( the ice that I have put around My rememberence of who I am) The foundation that I have built My reality on, as I know it right now,  Will break and A new world Will emerge. I Will have 2 years to prepare myself for the next big energetic shift on earth. I gave Thanks and fell to sleep. 

The next morning I was having energetic downloads that made me float between the worlds, skipped breakfast and headed for a remote place without to many people- Bodmin Moore and Rough Tor- 

A place that had the same energy and purpose as the day before- to download the future. A slow walk upp the hill, where humans, dogs, sheeps, cows, bulls and horses walked in harmony. I went into deep connection with the beautiful stone guardians and finally understod the connection of the outer sacred well and My inner sacred well. It all came down to allowing the water in me to be still so I can reflect the moon and the stars inside of me. To allow information to come through from the time to come as guidande for making choices in each moment of now. When I resist the information it get stored in My physical body, and I Will feel heavy.  I have to let go and allow it to flow through- its just information that is given in the moment. It’s time to allow My intuition to expand in every aspekt of My Life. 

I choose to live now, the reality I want to have in the future. 


Marie Christina 


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