Stillness in flight, allowing everything to exist at the same time


Today I have been out in my garden. Feeling the wind in my hair, the sun in my face and the earth beneath my fingers. So relaxing, so peaceful, such a blessed reality.
I felt so much joy and & gratitude to be able to put my fingers into the soil and clear out the old and prepare for the new. I have just put some oil on the wooden deck and connected to the wood element with appreciation of the beauty it gives me. A life in peace, a life of renewal.

Just outside my garden lives another reality. Cars busy going to and from somewhere. Ambulances with sirens and flashing light on their way to the close by hospital. A reality filled with stress, worries and anxiety. The worries of a sick one, the worries if I am doing right or wrong, a reality that is overwhelming and filled with survival instincts.
......all these places I know so well, those places that was such a big part of my life for so long.
And the belief that I lived a life that was either or. I lived in stress and chaos or I lived a good life (...for a while). Sad, worried and stressed out or happy , calm, grateful and lovable.....

Thank you life for showing me that all of it is existing at the same time - all my feelings, all my realities co-exists within me. I am able to feel the worries and the overwhelm and the fear the world is going through.
I can feel blessed in my moment in the sun, with my hands in the soil.
Experiencing the beauty of life at the same time as I experience the presence of death.

One thing I have learned over the years living a life that have had more than enough of unexpected rough experiences is that these part of myself that could cherish the moment of gratitude and beauty influenced my other parts that felt stressed and overwhelmed. When I stayed in the moment, feeling gratitude for the small things, like a few hour of sleep, a moment in the garden, a good laugh, a undisturbed moment with a cup of tea and allowed these moments to grow, I gave myself the space to quit my noisy mind and opened up to my inner guidance, that stillness that brings new insights and opportunities.

Take a deep breath, open up for the beauty of a renewable nature, let the moment of stillness give you your next step, just one step at a time.

May stillness in flight grow within you
Blessings MarieChristina


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