Mending My broken heart


- Lillefjord waterfall, Finnmark, Norway -

As I walked the path up to the first waterfall I connected to the guardian of the fall and a voice wispered ” come, come to me, re-member me, it’s safe”

The rain was gently touching My face and the air was clear and brisk. My steps became heavier and heavier and I paused at the first waterfall. Angels from heaven descended through the water, light, clear and  shimmering. The rain suddenly stopped and I heard them speak to me. ” it’s ok, it’s time to activate the sun in you, you are safe, we Will follow you on your Journey”   I felt so many nature beings all around me, cheering me to take one step at a time. I Blessed and thanked the first waterfall for Connecting me to the angelrealm and to the angelrealm on earth, the fairyrealm and continued up the path towards the next Waterfall. 

As I walked My heart started beating like a hammer and when I approached some benches I had to sit down to embrace the panic that was showing itself in My body- I talked calmely to that part of me that wanted to be heard ” it’s safe- all is well- you can rest now”

Just in front of me there was a stone that looked like the child of ’loch ness’ a beautiful seacreature that offered his help to transform the fear and panic that was expressing itself from earlier lifetimes. I gave My gratitude to the seacreature for the rapid transmutation and walked to stand in front of the second waterfall.

Pictures started to flash in front of My eyes of past Times, present Times,  future Times and Times in other dimensions where it didn’t go well bringing more light / fire into This realm and into the body in the middle world. I experienced How I was burned by the sacred fire and How I burned others with it. Tears started to slowely run down My cheeks as these visions presented themselves. ” I am so sorry that I haven’t seen you before, Please forgive me for not paying attention, Thank you so much for showing up, I love you”  Allowed all My visions and feelings be cleared and cleansed by the water and I could feel My cellular recording disc being cleared of that which doesn’t serve me anymore. Grateful for the gift the second waterfall gave me I payed My respect and thought I was done. 


Turned around and saw that My husband had started to walk on a pathway that he thought would lead us to watch the fall from above. So I followed and the path became steeper and steeper and narrower and narrower. The higher I went the more pain expressed itself in My heart. I started to have visions of all the ways I had used My light/ My power throughout time and I felt as My heart was Totally broken into Two Pieces.  I sensed a helping energy behind My back and turned around to se Mama - loch ness- ”    The mama sea creature said ”re- member, re- member why you came through the gateways, through the dimensions, it’s ok, re- member me and I Will help you on your way” I felt the strenghts from her moving me further up the path and there! Right on My path , the symbol of My broken heart.

All deep buried feelings throughout time started to flood down My cheeks and I heard the mama seacreature again ” it’s alright, you are well prepared, you have walked slowely, deeply connected to earth This time, your husband and children have been your anchor to not move forward to fast. Now is the time, all is safe”. I felt enormous light rushing through My body, clearing, mending and I turned around to sit down -and there it was, a third waterfall,  powerfully ending in a bluishgreen pond, all surrounded by the sacred plant arctic root. I walked up and sat Myself down to allow myself to melt together with This powerful waterforce.

I connected with the guardian of This waterfall and it started to inform me ”you are ready to digest more light of potential. Lock down, as the water runs down the mountain it becomes smoother and smoother and when it comes to the foot of the mountain it’s accessible to all, everyone can handle it because it comes in a soft, beautiful way. There Will be others who would like to climb with you and they Will meet up futher up the mountain. Just know, you can digest exactly the amount of light you need to make it handleable for anyone you Meet”.

I felt whole.  Pure joy vibrated in every cell of My body. I thanked the mountain and the waterfall and asked for a smooth and safe Journey back down. As My husband and I was safetely back down on the ground again, the rain started pouring down- a big blessing- we turned around to pay our gratitude to the waterfalls and the mountain and looked up to see Two Eagles flying together over the spot of the third waterfall, I looked down on the pathway and there was a whole heartstone right at My feet and Two graffiti paintings of heartfigures on each side of it. Whole heart in all the worlds.

what a Journey - Thank you!

May you connect through these words to the three waterfalls- the under world - the middle world and the upper world and may your heart be whole in all of them. 



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