A place where Man in me meets God in me


Today I have been at St. Michaels Mount in Cornwall, UK.

A profound meeting where the Man in me met God in me. 

In the sanctuary in the Castle of St. Michaels Mount I found that deep silent connection within. It started on the winding path up the hill where the old monks that had walked the path before joined me in procession. We had a conversation about How rare it was for them to once again walk up the hill in rememberence of the the light within. To walk in honor of that place within that is sacred. The silent great mystery. In the sanctuary I sat down and closed My eyes. I could hear all that was going on around me, but allowed myself to just drift deep into the space of nothingness. In the center of My being where it’s silent and peaceful, My inner sanctuary, that deep place of holyness. 

In gratitude I allowed myself to Remember that I am Sacred, Life is sacred and through that rememberence I could embrace the sacredness of everyone around me. I honor This place of holyness in myself, I honor that place of holyness in you and I pray that This light Will grow within me to be shared to whoever cross My path. 


Marie Christina


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