Connecting with My starseeds

87206876-62F0-4299-B884-86B3667029BE.jpegAs I walked up to the lavaformation ” the church and the tower” My heart was contracting and I felt that I was loosing My breath- as I sat down and connected with ” the church” (An energetic powerhouse to re- member the church within, your body as the church and your inside as a sanctuary) I was receiving information about non- attachement, non- suffering, non- judging and Beauty. I felt in balance in This moment with the first three but when it came to beauty I saw all the words I say about myself and others, being stuck in the polarity of good & bad, beautiful & ugly,  right and wrong. Allowed the energy to shower all that was popping up in My consciousness- embraced it, loved it and thanked it and expanded My inner sanctuary.

I made My way ower to the ”tower” ( the powerhouse of downloading your becoming) and found a beautiful spot where I could rest My back against the tower. I felt the information from My becoming flow to me, through me , as me. From above to below, from below to above and expanding My light out into the world.  I just rested in the flow and allowed it to be digested in it’s own rhythm. In what ways can I bring This light into the world?



On the Black Lava Beach - Djúpalónssandur my heart started to sing. This deep connection with the starseeds that has been expressed into form from the depth of the mother vulcano. The deep healing and rememberence they carry and the gift it is to lay down on the lava pebbles and receive, I just love This place .

My first reaction though, when I sat down was fear- it’s too much- I’m drowning in information, but slowely the fear subsided and a deep peace emerged. Gratefulness - for being on This earth with all it’s beauty, Gratefullness- for having the job I have , being who I am and be guided to the splendours of our earth. Deep gratitude to all the healing frequencies that the earth provides If I just slow down , look up, breath and allow myself to recieve. 

May the frequencies from these places touch your heart

blessings MarieChristina 

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Jenny Israelsson

Thank you Marie for sharing that! So syncronized with the processes that I was going through that very same day. 🙏💖

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