The moment of Now


 My night was filled with meetings of the lower frequencies of guilt, shame, fear and blame. I was in deep communication of that part of me that don’t feel good enough. All the Times I have been been taunted and all the Times I had taunted others to justify for myself that I’ m not that bad. I was shown all the protection systems I had created to feel safe in My body to be able to be present in the moment.  I gave Thanks when I woke up to all that had surfaced and allowed My self to know that I am that, I am.

Asking My higher self How to transmute all of This, I got This information: 

Open your eyes to the beauty of the moment- memories, feelings, events that have occured in the past are just showing itself to be released , these are the parts of you that you are ready to give away in This moment of now- so just give Thanks and let them go. 

Open your eyes to the beauty of the moment- spirit of the house is suggesting that you clean your Windows, clear your eyes , so you can persive Whats in your reality NOW. 

Open your eyes to the beauty of the moment- your soil has been Preparing itself for spring, focus on the beauty, harmony, love and Joy that is existing and expanding in every moment of NOW.

Open your eyes to the beauty of the moment- This is what you bring with you into the future. 

Whith clean windows (eyes) and a perception on the beauty of the moment of Now I see the blessings in every moment of My NOW

I wish you the eyes who see the beauty in your moment of NOW




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