RΔ Healing

The Bridge of the Rainbow

Do you want to pass through the illusion of physical limitations?
Are you longing to be able to express what's inside of you?

Simple Healing method downloaded from the Stars through my daughter Stina ( diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome).
This method gives you energy and support to handle your every day life and move beyond yours and others expectations!

Connect to 11 stars that will fill up yourself, and others with the divinely pure, highly refined living energy that is available from cosmos.
A specific frequency, of the luminous energy of the cosmos will be infused into a specific layer in your body.

Step in and join the group that will be the second distributors of these Star energies. It´s summersolstice - the veil between the worlds are extra thin so our connection will be stronger!


SEK 7,675.00 (including 25% moms)