Webinar - Stepping out of the Matrix of being haunted by death -

Choose the Matrix of Living!


A recording (in swedish) from a live webinar 23d of April 2020

In the webinar we will clear out the matrix of falling apart and bring in that you are falling into place.

We are eternal beings, we never die, our body might die but our soul keep on living, in other forms and in other realities.
We are all facing death in the eye and it brings up a lot of thoughts and feelings to the table.

I would like to give you a opportunity to look upon death as something more than final

On this webinar we will

 - clear the truth about death as final, as something that is destructive and make things fall apart
 - dissolve the collective matrix of being haunted by death
 - reconnect living as our natural state of being
 - anchor Love as the navigation tool to co-exist on planet earth

Let´s unite and honor the old structure and anchor the new.



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