Membership - playing with energy 2020

Manifesting details

You have dedicated yourself to personal growth and gone through a 1 year mentorship with me, maybe you have chosen to continue your mentorship for yet another year for another great Intention to come to life.

This membership is for you, as a complement to the bigger picture, your one year Intention or the intention you just created and now are living in.
In this membership, we will go into detail, we will fine tune our manifestation skills by practicing to bring in physical things into our life.
We will start small and grow as each physical reality is coming into form.
We will have this amazing group as our accountability group to help us keep on track- it´s not how fast we do it or how big steps we do, it´s about keeping the energy high and continue focusing on what we want, one step at a time.

We will practice supporting each other, listening to each other and bring high vibe frequencies onto the path for all our dreams to come into form.

We meet up once a month on GoToWebinar.

I will guide you how to bring focus and energy into your desired goal and do a clearing for the group each time to bring the energy forward.

As a bonus I will boost your manifestations in my morning ritual each day until it has materialized, then you can pick a new goal that will be boosted or you can choose to step out of the membership for a while.

...So you can step in and have this membership for a period of time until one specific target is fulfilled and step in again whenever you want or you can keep the membership running and just continue to expand your manifestation skills.

Love to have you on board and start playing with energy

ONLY for YOU who have done 1 year mentorship with me!!!

/ MarieChristina