Seven Planet Alignment -Live event 18-22 dec 2021

Husbygård, Sweden

Align yourself with the spirits and main frequencies of our closest neighbours

This will be the second time that I share my conversation and relationship
with the spirits of our closest planets.

The wintersolstice is a beautiful opportunity to realigne yourself with the evolution of the Universe, the evolution of you, by building a relationship with our closest neighbours.
Energetically this is a one in a lifetime experience - an opportunity to step in an anchor your upgraded lightbeeing, the full open coding from your souls expression in this new time.
To choose to be the one who walks this earth as a lighthouse, to bring opportunities, solutions and blessings for all.

7 planet.jpeg

Through meditation, intuition, holy circle and sacred ceremony we will

  • Learn how to see when one of the planets are not in balance within you and how that affects you
  • Get to know your main 2-3 relationship’s 
  • Deep dive into all the frequencies and bring the gifts of them into your everyday life 
  • step into magic co-creation with each planet - anything can happen!
  • Celebrate ourselves as the powerhouse of light

We will explore and connect to the Spirits of

Sun – Shining/ giving/ centre of attention 
Mercury- Wind/connection/information/sharing
Venus – Beauty/softness/art/dance/music/soft movements  
Earth – Your body, your life, your expression in form, living in balance between all that is
Moon – Sensitivity/intuition/rhythm/ free changeable form 
Mars – Strong/solid/protective/focus 
Jupiter- Expansion/organization/solid/profitable 
Saturn – Simplicity/structure/power of influence

Månica Pettersson, AndrumYoga will co-create with me with her gongs and crystal bowls and intuitive skills.

Hanna Eneslätt, Ekolokalt Halland offers vegetarian food during our days together
Read more about her offer in the PDF Catering Seven Planet-21 eng.pdf

Please join us through:

  • Live participation
    Read more about the practical things here: dec21 -7 Planet (1).pdf
    (if you would like to arrive the day before, just let me know )
    When you sign up for live - remember to book the 7 planet course & the lodging, you need to pay for them separate, Simplero is working on creating a shop feature so you can click and pay for both, but in the mean need to go through the paying process twice...

  • Live Streaming participation
    Join from the comfort of your home - sit in circle through Live streaming and share the days together with us.
    Read more here!  Seven Planet Alignment intro.pdf
    login details to the meeting room will be sent to you after your sign up!

Love to sit in circle with you

7 planet alignment