RΔ Healing - Distance Participation June 17-21 2022

The Bridge of the Rainbow

This is a direct relationship with the Stars in a parallel Galaxy to Milky Way, a stargate that will act as a muse, an inspiration.
Spirits of , star ancestors of Stina J Ytterman have come through during 2019 to offer their help and bring forth the main qualities of original light, beauty, flow and to be home within yourself.

Build your relationship with the Spirits of , 11 star-frequencies that will help you:

  • Clear entities and blockages in all worlds and realities
  • To be self-regulating and self referencing.
  • To be clear in your broadcast - to send and receive your reality the way you want
  • Fine-tune your perfect expression so you can share your intentions in an easy and exact way
  • To mend your broken heart and let all soul & life pieces come together in this lifetime, in this moment
  • Align your upper and lower chakras and open your natural connection between body and soul
  • To reconnect your own sacred fire/ holy heat/ nurturing and disconnect every other source you have chosen to feed yourself from, outside of yourself
  • To remember the "Circle of Life" That we are all one, to let go and emerge yourself in something greater. There is no suffering, no attachment, no judgement, only a walk in Beauty
  • Align your "Raw Power Energy" the natural providing living energy
  • To Move forward in Balance

Start your connection with the 11 star frequencies by inviting them into your energetic reality. The pure energetic level is always the first step to take. Through deep connection with each star, transforming downloads and enhancement of the energy through group consciousness, we will build the energetic connection to the realms of  to re-align yourself with YOU.
Stina will energetically support the group 24/7

Come join me & the team for magic beyond words,
It´s summer solstice, the veil between the worlds are extra thin!
Welcome to the family for the soul
Love to sit in circle with you/ Marie

Distance participant - Distance Participation RΔ.pdf


These wonderful extraordinary friends assists me during our days together.

stina 2018

Stina - RΔ Creator & Energetic Teacher





Månica PetterssonMånica Petterson-
Gongs & Crystalbowls

Nikodemus Nygren

Nikodemus Nygren-

Helena Lövén

Helena Lövén-

Hanna Eneslätt

Hanna Eneslätt-
Ekolokalt Halland


4B500A4E-8105-43B7-B799-7EC45116B62CEvaMarie Nord-
Kitchen assistant