Live! Die & Be Reborn - Live Event 10-14 nov 2021, Villa Ekenäs Sweden

Walking the Path of Gratitude

Do you feel that its time to upgrade your life?
Have you tried and all seems to just go back to what it has always been.
Are you locked in a jail-cell and there seems as there is no way out?
Do you feel your souls calling and you have no idea what to do ?

Come join me in my reality of the energy realm, Let me guide you to re-member who you truly are, an infinite being in an ever-changing body.
During these days we will explore the illusion of death, the illusion that it will always haunt us instead of giving us the opportunity of a new beginnings in every moment of Now. Every Now is a perfect time for the first step and the next step and the...
We will bring forth the gift of letting go and be in love with the part of us that is matter, a never ending changing expanding matter through time and space.
I will help you to unlock those deep believes that keep you stuck and let the backdoors that you believe keep you safe surface so you can make new choices.

We will embark on a new adventurous journey and set a new course for our own life, through energy medicine/ teachings,  meditation, indoor & outdoor ceremony, deep connection with nature & the elements we remember and reactivate our infinite, higher self so we can dream into being an extra ordinary reality. 

More details about the live event in the pdf below:
nov 21 WPG Live die reborn.pdf

Ekolokalt Halland offers veg. food, read more in the pdf below:
CateringVillaEkenäs-21 eng.pdf

Other ways of Joining
If you are not able to join live you can step in as

Live Stream participant - LiveStreaminfo.pdf

Distance participant - Distance Participation WPG.pdf

These wonderful friends assists me with music, food & Intuitive skills during our days together.

Come Join us for magic beyond words
Welcome to the family for the soul
Love to sit in circle with you/ Marie

Månica Pettersson

 Månica Petterson- AndrumYoga                       

Nikodemus Nygren

 Nikodemus Nygren- Starshine

anna lundstedt

 Anna Lundstedt- Akkabalans

Helena Lövén

 Helena Lövén- Aeracura


 Vibeke Jensen

Hanna Eneslätt

Hanna Eneslätt- Ekolokalt Halland


Tore Lund

Live! Die & be reborn