The Voice of the Heart - Live event 4-8 Nov 2020, Visingsö - Sweden

Walking the Path of Gratitude


During these days we will bring back our power of our own creation.
We will dive in to all the times we have made someone else´s reality more important than our own.
We will bring back our responsibility over our life to ourselves and learn tools to step into-
Non- judgment
Non- attachment
Non- suffering
so we can walk softly on earth in this lifetime.

Step back into your innocent neutral child and create from a place of  "everything is possible, the world is a benevolent place"

Månica Petterson- AndrumYoga, Nikodemus Nygren -Starshine, Anna Lundstedt assists me with musical & Intuitive skills during this round of the medicine wheel.

Bjørn & Maria Løken who usually assists me during Walking The Path of Gratitude are due to Covid 19 not a part of this round, but you can step into their work and have a look at what they are offering at Picaflor Life Energy

We follow the health authority´s recommendations regarding Covid19 and are looking forward to a lot of outdoortime.

More details about the live event:
nov 20 WPG The Voice of the Heart.pdf

Ekolokalt Halland offers you to sign up for veg. food:
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Distance participation
If you are not able to join live you can step in as a distance participant - read more here:
Distance Participation WPG.pdf

Blessings of Love & Light
Marie Christina

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