1 year Mentorship

One session/ month

During a one year mentorship I will help you to create a greater version of your grandest vision of yourself
I will energetically boost your dreams to come to manifestation faster than you have ever thought was possible
I will lead you through a manifestation process step by step so you can master it and be a super creator of your own life
Commit to your becoming, know where you are and where you want to be
Choose fun and playfullness as your fuel and lets set sail for a year of extraordinary inner and outer growth

Each month you will have a one on one session with me, coaching you  & doing clearings so you have a super progress
You will also have access to a membersite where you will be guided step by step through audiofiles, text and pictures

Welcome to sign up and I will contact you to set up your first session

Would Love to walk by your side


- Your subscription will Auto-renew unless you choose to turn it off -

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