Walk Your Talk - Live event March 15-19 2023, Otterbäcken - Sweden

Walking the Path of Gratitude


These are the days when you gather all your knowing, all your experience, all your wisdom and share it with the world.


  • gather all the paths you have walked and digest it into your expression of source
  • let energy become matter and walk your talk
  • strengthen your spiritual path and shine your own light on it from now until your destiny
  • bring back missing soul pieces and life pieces so you can more fully BE YOU in this lifetime
  • learn to call in offerings of divine pure, highly refined living energy available from cosmos

We will step into the frequency of

so you can RECEIVE you, BE you, LIVE you and SHARE you

Come join me & the team for magic beyond words. Welcome to the family for the soul

Love to sit in circle with you

/ MarieChristina


Through energy medicine, energy teaching, meditation, indoor & outdoor ceremony, deep connection with nature & the elements we remember and reactivate our infinite, higher self so we can walk this earth as creators of our own life. 

A part of "Walking The Path of Gratitude", A 5 step journey to a conscious life.

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If you are not able to join live you can step in as:

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These wonderful extraordinary friends assists me with music, food & Intuitive skills during our days together.

Månica Petterson- AndrumYoga    

Månica Pettersson

 Nikodemus Nygren- Starshine

Nikodemus Nygren

Anna Lundstedt- Akkabalans

anna lundstedt

 Vibeke Jensen


 Helena Lövén- Aeracura

Helena Lövén

Hanna Eneslätt-Ekolokalt Halland

Hanna Eneslätt

walk your talk
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